DF is for ME not YOU

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Re: DF is for ME not YOU

raztec wrote:

Unfortunately, it is undiscerning poseurs who buy this camera that end up ruining it for everyone else. As long as people without any genuine sense of what constitutes quality exist, and they are fooled into parting with their money, then manufacturers can get away with crippling their products and 'marketing' them to the mindless masses, or the lowest common denominator.


At just 4 FPS, oversized files and clunky handling, my lame D800 is crippled.

At just 16 MP with a HUGE body, the lame D4 is crippled.

With it's 39 point AF and cheaper build the D610 is crippled.

With DX sensors ALL DX cameras are crippled.

Uh huh. I've yet to see a perfect DSLR. That's why a lot of serious shooters own more than one.

The Df has a flagship FX sensor. It is the lightest smallest FX DSLR available from Nikon. It has a beautiful set of retro controls. It may have the best viewfinder of ANY Nikon DSLR. It may also be the best handling of all Nikon DSLRs.

The Df is likely to be my perfect D800 counterpart, smaller and lighter, better in low light, faster FPS, discrete and likely more fun to use at times. It's not for everyone. Is it for YOU?

Why not wait and see. Me thinks there will be a LOT of crow eating around here soon.


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