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DT200 wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

Sure most people get that... The problem is that you're trying to determine what that threshold is and most people don't agree with you.... unless you're suggesting that more people buy m4/3 vs APS-C and full frame.

Not suggesting anything of the sort. I'm saying that you can evaluate the EM1 as a 4/3 camera and the A7r as a FF camera. And to me, the EM1 is a better m43 camera than the A7r is a FF camera. Camera of the year doesn't mean "you should buy this camera". It can't, even if you wanted it to.

- Dennis

You make a great point above.

I look at it this way. If I buy a FF camera, what do I want it for? Sports? Nature? Birding? Kids? macros?

What can the A7 or A7r do better than any other FF camera? The ONLY thing I can think of is use legacy lenses, but even Nikon has been doing that for a long while.

Now what does it not do as well as other FF cameras? The grip is not as good. Some say an EVF can't match an OVF. There are almost no native lenses, and even those have smaller apertures than what is available for other systems, the focus is is not as good. The specs like FPS are slower.

Don't get me wrong for some people the A7 and A7R will be the best choice.

You sound so desperate now - what? 100 posts in this forum in one day?

I guess that the A7/r is finally getting to you.

Well, I guess that it should, as the A7 body is only priced 20% higher than the EM-1 body, and includes 4x the sensor size...

No wonder you keep finding faults.

Read up on shutter shock on the EM-1 - people are returning their EM-1 cameras already.... I would!

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