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Re: Agreed (subjectively)

amtberg wrote:

Elemental Photography wrote:

"That said, the limitations on the in-body IS system, the tendency to close down the aperture in Program mode, and lack of in-camera Raw processing keep the GX7 from earning our highest recommendation."

The only one of these that is even remotely a concern for me is the IBIS piece, and I don't shoot video so it's essentially as irrelevant as the latter points. I never use P and I can't imagine trying to process raw files in camera, especially when I can use the built in wifi to transfer them to my iPad.

I think these are flimsy reasons to downgrade the camera's score.  Regarding IBIS, does DPR downgrade Canon, Nikon, etc., because they have no IBIS at all?  I think the only hybrid cameras that allow use of IBIS in video are the most recent Olympus offerings.

Similarly, in-camera RAW processing is an unusual feature (and personally one I would never use).

Agree.  Very nitpicky things to single out as the reason.  Other than this statement, which seems out of place, I think the review is fine and have no problem with the rating. 
I can say after a few weeks of use that the gx7 has been gold for me

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