Olympus 12-40 easily beats the Canon 17-55 at f/2.8 (but not when stopped down).

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Re: If you have experience

Hello Anders, I understand where you are coming from but with regards to the final image even the current lowest MP count FF the D4 with its 16mp sensor out resolves the EM1 with its 16mp and no AA filter. The following samples all at 200ISO, only processing is default sharpening and a 5% increase in the size of the EM1 to make for near identical output size. Both are taken at 50mm equiv with the aperture on both lenses set at F5.6. Obviously higher res models such as the D800 /D600/A7r etc would all do even better.

At high ISO settings 1600 in this instance the detail advantage to the D4 is even more obvious as noise is impacting the EM1 file more severely.

In an apples for apples comparison between mFT and FF lenses ie same DOF and same AOV { critical components of the equivalence equation}  FF lenses will out resolve mFT lenses at every ISO. The only way mFT lenses appear to have better resolution is when you compare them wide open against  say the Panasonic 25mm F1.4  [ now bolted to my new GX7 which is worth gold to me even of DPreview disagree  } vs the Nikon 50mm F1.4g when compared at the same DOF this is not the case. Lenstip is no better than any of the other test sites their methodology is far from perfect none of them are perfect as we both know , I can easily reference very reputable sources that challenge the validity of Lenstip. .As for lensrentals conclusions that a a short tele lens the 75mm Olympus is sharper than a 24mm  this is hardly surprising how do you think the Olympus 12mm would compare

Both mFT and FF have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Though in the vast majority of my photography I could do better { higher resolution, more DR, better shadow noise , better high ISO}  with my D800 and FF glass the burden of weight and inconvenience offer an oft times off putting extra hurdle to jump. mFT accounts for easily 90% of my photography and I am very happy with it. In fact my long time companion camera { my take everywhere GF1} may finally get to retire with the GX7 taking its place in my affections

Neither side of this debate is going to concede to the other and the almost endless FF vs mFT posts often cause a lot of bad feeling .It would be great if these posts disappeared  this will probably happen, the day after they declare world peace and Scotland win the world cup

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