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Re: S Grins.

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

s_grins wrote:

Year after year, I'm losing an interest to DPR camera reviews. Maybe I'm getting older, or maybe quality, depth, and fairness of reviews are not getting better since DPR moved to the West.

One thing I want to highlight: template for all reviews stays basically the same.

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I feel the same about Dpreview reviews now. It seems they have lost the touch to make them good as they were sometime ago, and now they have better conditions to make them better than before but they are not making them so well. Other thing is that the elaboration of the words is not so perfect.

And the scoring is many times not fair, I am not speaking only of the score of the GX7, this happens with other reviews.

Other thing is that some cameras have the reviews faster others take a lot of time, and some don't even have full reviews. This only speaking of DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

The excuse of not having the cameras for the reviews does not apply to all the situations, for example the G6 have no full review and for sure is not Panasonic fault. This is strange in a site that is one of the most viewed for reviews.

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As a Ricoh user I tended to never worry about DPR as they never liked them and once I started to ignore DPR finally got a Ricoh and LOVED IT, ALL OF IT.  so you really need to just shoot and make up your own mind.

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