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viztyger wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

What components of the A7R are from the RX1?

And even if that is the case I don't see how you can consider a fixed lens camera to be the same design challenge as putting a 36mp FF sensor in the A7R body. No question the A7 and A7R are both radically new.

Parts of the chassis and controls are RX1 heritage. From the front and top, I'd say the A7 body's styling has the DNA of the RX1 while from the back it's more reminiscent of the NEX-7 with its tilting screen and wrap-around grip. Of course that grip extends around to the front, where it looks as if it's tacked onto to an RX1 body.

Certainly the design challenges of fixed and interchangeable lens cameras are different, but in my opinion the new A7 and A7R don't challenge the status quo the same way the RX1 did one year ago. At that time we didn't have any really compact full frame option, so the RX1 was something truly revolutionary. Now, with an RX1 already on the market, we're only adding the ability to change lenses to a kit that is slightly larger. While useful, I just don't think it's as major of a step forward as the RX1 represented.

If the A7 and A7R had radically better autofocus or a vastly improved EVF or even a new feature like sensor based IS, then these new cameras would have been a more significant step forward. Don't get me wrong, I think they're great cameras, but what's really so revolutionary here besides the FF sensor behind the E-mount?

You marginalize some pretty significant achievements with your comments   "only adding the ability to change lenses",  "what's really so revolutionary besides the FF sensor behind the E-mount?"

That is precisely what's so revolutionary....   a small camera with a FF sensor behind the E-mount that has the ability to change lenses.   Also don't forget that the A7r is the first and only 36mp mirrorless camera too and it has more resolution than all other DSLRs besides the D800/e.   This shouldn't be overlooked as it was the reason the D800/e was/is such a success.

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