2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

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Re: 2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

Dennis wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

Sure most people get that... The problem is that you're trying to determine what that threshold is and most people don't agree with you.... unless you're suggesting that more people buy m4/3 vs APS-C and full frame.

Not suggesting anything of the sort. I'm saying that you can evaluate the EM1 as a 4/3 camera and the A7r as a FF camera. And to me, the EM1 is a better m43 camera than the A7r is a FF camera.

But "Camera of the Year" doesn't mean which camera is the best within its respective lineup or format type, it means best, most innovative camera.  And there is NO WAY to make the argument that the EM-1, which is basically an EM-5 with a tacked on grip and a few AF refinements, is a more important, innovative or better camera than the A7r.  None.

Steve Huff's "Camera of the Year" really has to consider that as a blogger he's made a conscious decision to go with the less obvious m43 camera for his choice of Camera of the Year as doing so will be generate the most controversy, and consequently the most attention for his website via Trackbacks, Likes and links to like the one in this thread.  It's the same technique used by Ken Rockwell, Thom Hogan and others.  Saying something controversial, against common wisdom, and people will talk, you'll get more traffic.

Also as a Leica user/fan, clearly Huff wants to do his best to marginalize the Sony A7 and A7r because of how convincingly the Sony outperforms his Leica M for IQ, lens adaptability, LCD quality, professional level video specification, etc. By claiming that the EM-1 is actually the better camera than the A7r, he is in a sense lessening the beating that his Leica takes by the Sony A7 and A7r.  "The Sony has great IQ, but Leica has all those great lenses with a wonderful viewfinder and the EM-1 has slightly faster AF and is actually a better camera" kind of thinking.  Yeah, Steve, good save.

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