My Panasonic GH3 Experience (Previous Nikon Shooter)

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Re: My Panasonic GH3 Experience (Previous Nikon Shooter)

happypoppeye wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

happypoppeye wrote:

Welll, there is a reason Nikon and Canon are at the top of the heap (or have been for so long). They both have the best color and files.

...and yes, I'm sure there are all kinds of arguments but decades of camera sales and development sort of argue right back.

I do love a good chuckle.

Nikon and Canon are top of the heap largely because they have pro support combined with very prominent marketing, and what people see the pros use they'll also want to use. In some areas there equipment is undoubtedly the best. I don't think there's another camera out there that comes close to the d4 for sports shooting.

Colour quality has very little to do with it though.

Neither does anything else but take all those little things, including color, and thats why Nikon and Canon are still top of the heap.

I think you misunderstood me. I was saying canikon are still top of the heap because of those other things. Not colour.

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