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Re: It doesn't work that way...

Dennis wrote:

marike6 wrote:

johnlegrand wrote:

Apart from image quality. The EM1 is without any doubt the better camera.

Removing IQ from a camera comparison is like testing the speed of two cars without any tires.

That's like saying the car of the year will always be the one with the most horsepower.

It absolutely does work that way, because cameras are bought by people with varying needs. People don't blindly buy the camera with the best IQ; they buy the one that's best for their needs.

No but we are not talking about every day consumers shopping for cameras, we are talking about enthusiast, serious amateur photography students and professionals.  Assuming that most modern cameras are fast enough, with robust enough AF systems for a most subject, it makes little sense to start from a place of disadvantage regarding IQ.  For this reason, the majority of professional photographers will shoot FF or even MF to remain competitive.  A camera of the year must at the very least have IQ equivalent to the best of the rest of the market.

Further, best IQ is basically best sensor. And in this case, the same sensor Sony sold to Nikon last year.

If you want to give out a camera of the year award to the camera with the best IQ, knock yourself out. Meanwhile, others have their own criteria. (You might not want to stop at the A7r, though ... if IQ is all that matters, check out Phase One).

Last year, there was no doubt in my mind that the D800E was "camera of the year".  It raised the bar for ALL cameras, and it brought MF type resolution to DSLRs for the first time.

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