What next for an NEX 5N user

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Re: What next for an NEX 5N user

djp58 wrote:

You could continue using your 5N - it is obviously serving you well (enjoyed all your photos, but especially the detail in the duck!). You could get rid of the 5N and upgrade to either of the cameras you mentioned - I'm certain you will continue to take wonderful pictures with either. Or, you could upgrade and keep the 5N - might give you more choices and capabilities.

I recently went through the same feelings with my NEX 7. I finally decided to get the a7R, and keep the N7 - really looking forward to using my legacy glass as it was designed (my OM 21mm will actually have a 21mm FOV). The N7 will give me the added benefit of extending the FOV of my legacy glass (my Canon FD 300mm f4 has equivalent FOV of a 450mm on the N7), while giving me a bit more resolution due to it's higher pixel density.

Your camera is just a tool. Different tools might give you different capabilities, but it's still more about your skills in using whichever tool you choose. I'm sure you will do well with whichever choice you go with. BTW - loved my 5N, it's still in the family being used by my wife and daughter; will likely continue to give us years of use.


Thanks for your comment David. I am with you. If and when I buy a different camera (toys are also good to have) I certainly will keep the 5N.

Glad you liked the duck picture. I liked it as well. It started to move and I had to pan to maintain it in the picture. That blurred some of the details, but made the photo more interesting with the slight ripple of the water.

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