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Re: My (premature) take: strange result

tt321 wrote:

dpreviewreader wrote:

Pedagydusz wrote:

dpreviewreader wrote:

[...] The EP5+VF4 is better quality [...]

Yes, but is is an optional accessory! And it costs money, so it brings up the price. Plus, the best VF is one that is always there if needed! I know, because I have the E-PL5 and the VF-2 (I had it from a previous Pen). I like the camera very much, and the VF is on occasion very useful - when I don't forget it at home!

You do yourself a disservice by quoting only half a sentence. I will rewrite it for your benefit once more.

The EP5+VF4 is better quality than GX7 with the convenience of a built-in EVF. It is a question of what you prefer - better quality or convenience.

You prefer convenience and that is fine.

Quality in this case does not include shutter shock? Fine.

Why do you think EP5 was not rated higher? Not many users have reported shutter shock problems with it. Who knows, you might see some users reporting shutter shock issues with the GX7.

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