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Question Mark Abuse

safaridon wrote:

As many have noted the rating for the GX7 should have been higher ?

This is not a question.

If you look at the rating chart you can see the GX7 did well in every category but since there are no numerical values shown makes it difficult to challenge whatever mark DNR decided to give the the GX7 but appears to be subjective not objective?

This is not a question.

I was beginning to wonder if DPR would do this test given it took them a year to do one for the GH3 and none at all for the G6 GF6 GX1 etc but published one for the EM1 only weeks after it was introduced?

This is not a question.

Appears they had to given the rave reviews from other sources on the GX7 Still in their comparisons they fail to emphasize its EVF more than twice the resolution of that of EM5, likewise that of the LCD screen, no flash on EM5 with extreme yellow cast in low light, and GX7 has WiFi connectability.

This is not a question. Finally a declarative sentence that you didn't end with a question mark. Bravo (golf clap)

Also DPR used different lenses of different focal length to make their comparisons?

This is not a question.

What is with this question mark abuse that seems prevalent lately? You've written 5 sentences above. None were questions, yet you ended 4 with question marks. What is that? Why? Butchering the language?

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