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Re: My (premature) take: strange result

dpreviewreader wrote:

Pedagydusz wrote:

dpreviewreader wrote:

[...] The EP5+VF4 is better quality [...]

Yes, but is is an optional accessory! And it costs money, so it brings up the price. Plus, the best VF is one that is always there if needed! I know, because I have the E-PL5 and the VF-2 (I had it from a previous Pen). I like the camera very much, and the VF is on occasion very useful - when I don't forget it at home!

You do yourself a disservice by quoting only half a sentence. I will rewrite it for your benefit once more.

The EP5+VF4 is better quality than GX7 with the convenience of a built-in EVF. It is a question of what you prefer - better quality or convenience.

You prefer convenience and that is fine.

Quality in this case does not include shutter shock? Fine.

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