K/R, the Df and a lump of dog p**p!

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Re: K/R, the Df and a lump of dog p**p!

photohp wrote:

Sutto wrote:

This guy is such a crack-up, it really is so hilarious. He has said many times that he did not like the green color caste of the D4 screen, and other problems with various Nikon cameras. However, he has also said many times that the D800 sensor is the best of them all and even though he prefers Canon, he has sounded the marvels of the D800E, many times.

Anyway, I read yesterday where he announced the new Df, and virtually said that all the previous DSLR cameras are like 'lumps of plastic dog p??ps' - or words to that affect. Talk about running with the Hares and the Hounds. Now that a new model has been released, all the previous cameras that he once announced as great, are worth no more now that a lump of doggy doo.

Even more hilarious, I read tonight where he is telling us to block our ears because when his new Df arrives, the sound of his 800E hitting the dumpster is going to be deafening.

Go figure?

Make no mistake. He is a smart guy. You don't understand him because you don't understand his motives. What he is trying to do is to get more traffic to his site and sell more cameras from the links he provides. That's how he makes money. In other words cash in on the reputation he built for himself.

If you take that into consideration it all makes sense.

Exactly.  He pretty much always syas what ever hot new camera is out is the best and all the rest, including previous ones he said were gods gift to photography, are crap.

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