A few photos of my M and lenses with a bit of bling

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Re: A few photos of my M and lenses with a bit of bling

I think your camera looks very cool. Distinctive for people shooting.

For my needs your effect might be a bit scary for insects that I often photograph, looks a bit like feathers or something.

I have gone the opposite way with function over formality. I added this silicone case for shock absorption and weather resistance.

But as you can see below from this fast mirror image, I have blacked out Canon and actually cut small grooves into the front grip to make it all the more grippy. The back of the case already has a very nice grip. I may make a tight fitting camouflage cover to go over most of it. I have put electrical tape over the side inputs as I do not use them so no need to allow them t potentially short circuit anything. The case also came with two rather good screen protectors. It has not affected the touch sensitivity. As for cutting grooves into silicone I happen to have wax carving tools that are ideal, they just scoop the material away. It is not pretty but handles very well.

I think the insects will scared right away when they see that silicone case!

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