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Re: Usually no point in getting mad at the ignorance you see on these posts

Shotcents wrote:

Nikonfan99 wrote:

Take the fancy shell/knobs off the DF and lets talk facts:

Since people keep talking D4 sensor Dxomark sensor ratings:

D800 /D800E/ D600 beat the D4 sensor out and have a higher overall score.

Specs :

-FPS: D600 has the same for less money

-Same AF as D600 better AF in D800 for the same price.

-DF has no AF assist light which is very helpful when I need it.>

Use a flash and you'll have it, but I have the AF assist off on my D800 and had it off on my D300 and D700 and they were all fine. For very low light the SB800 gave the best low light AF at closer ranges.

-DF has only one card slot. BIGGGGG mistake. What happens when your card fails? This feature alone is enough to pull the breaks for me. I always have my d600 and d7000 set to make a backup of my raw files onto a second card. I actually shoot meaningful/important moments like weddings unlike how the nikon DF video calls the images meaningful yet thinks you dont need the ability to save a backup.

Again, I had a lot of pro bodies with the single slot and I still rarely use it on my D800. I haven't had a card fail and I don't even know anyone who has and that includes a few going through the wash. My D700/D300 never had a card issue, so this is a feature I never really worried about.

This is what our own Dpreview has to say about this camera:

"The danger is that the design gets in the way of usability".

And Bjorn Rorslett says it's handling and balance are perfect. You can also find hands-on previews on Youtube saying the same thing. This is likely the best handling DSLR, but I won't commit to that until I try one for a day or two. Enough of my friends have pre-ordered so I'll get my chance before getting mine.

There will be a LOT of opinions on this. But it will come down to this: You'll either enjoy the merits of the D4 sensor and the handling or you won't. I know from experience that I WANT the D4 sensor. So unless I HATE the handling and VF, I'll be buying.



AF LIGHT: I shoot with the new Godox bare bulb flash system and the built in AF light is no help to me since I have the flash on a bracket and the light is high. I shoot with a bracket and even when I use the sb-800, the AF beam is too high. This is why the built in camera AF LIGHT is essential to me.

DUAL CARD SLOTS: Just cause a card has not failed for you or anyone you know dont mean that it wont. Why risk it when I am capturing once in a lifetime images? It is a feature that should have never been dropped and especially not at this price point.

If we are talking needs, these are my needs. Again less for more.

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