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Re: DPR GX7 review is up!

MikeInRomsey wrote:

When i first considered the GX7 I was concerned about the 'tearing' issue of the EVF. I tried it in the shop and have not experienced rainbow tearing at all in 2 weeks usage. Other reviews say the same. The data rate on the GX7 is increased from the G5/G6 EVFs so this should lessen the effect. Some people seem to notice the effect more than others so if you are concerned go and try it out for yourself.

I find the statement that it cannot be used outdoors to be nothing short of absurd.

And as for 'adds bulk to camera' of course it does, but not nearly so much as the VF4 perched precariously on top of the Olympus EP-5.

The bulk argument is nonsense of course.

This review and scoring does not appear to be very objective to me.

Just because you don't agree with the result, that does not mean that the review was not taken with care. A review is always some sort of subjective, the important thing is, if it is conclusive.

I find the review very reasonable. If the reviewer sees strong rainbow tearing, should he ignore it? The still very good  result just did not make it to 80, which would have given it the gold award. Thinking that the judgement of the view finder is the only reason that the GX7 is 5 points below the E-M1 (it is remarkable that it is only 5 point below, perhaps that is more inconclusive), is wrong. If you look at the other results it is very understandable that it did not go beyond the 80 threshold. There are numerous other aspects, where the GX7 clearly cannot match the E-M1 and other cameras, which received the gold award. Just look at the raw buffer and the robustness of the E-M1, and you'll get, why the GX7 is well served with 79%.

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