Best compromise? size/weight vs IQ

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Re: M43 sensor is better, the lenses at the FL....

Jorginho wrote:

I know of no 500 mm f4 m43 lens. That is 800 mm FL. M43 has two lenses that will get you 600 mm. That is less. And they are at best f5.6 at the FL...also less and it even gets worse when you factor in the DOF which you might like. It is f11.2 versus f8 for the canon.

If that is the lens you use a lot, I have to wonder how good it is (I don't know). My 100-300 mm Panny on my m43 does pretty well until I hit 250 mm (500mm). Above it, it is really no better than reasonable.

Another point is AF. E-M1 will get you good AF in all circumstances, also for moving subjects. All other m43s are not so fortunate. They are very good, but less so (and clearly worse) than your 7D.

Now...if you do use other FL I have no reservations at all: surely with the IQ of the latest Panasonic (GX7, GN1 and GH3) and Oly (EPL5, EPM2 EP5, EM5 and EM1) is somewhat better than the the best Canon APS-c sensors out there, also your Canon 7D. THe gap is small, but at lower ISO the DR of the latest m43 cams is clearly better.

I would not go under APS-C.. Next year will be full frame dominant!

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