2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

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Re: 2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

Dennis wrote:

I won't side with Steve on a camera of the year choice, but I can certainly respect his decision and his rationale.

What do the A7/A7r offer ? FF sensors found in DSLR bodies last year crammed into NEX bodies with all the compromises of mirrorless (plus loud shutters and slower AF than most mirrorless) that have 4 native lenses available (5th on the way and the ubiquitous promise of more to come).

The less lenses argument isn't really relevant in a "camera of the year" discussion, in my view. The Sony A7 has enough lenses so far for most uses. And telephotos will be soon coming. It's not like m43 has any decent telephoto lenses anyway, just a bunch of variable aperture consumer 55-200 type zooms.

Nice enough. If IQ is your thing, these sensors exist in other cameras. If insane IQ and compactness is critical, then this promises to be your system provided you can live with its compromises.

It definitely has a lot of peoples attention. And should sell well.

The EM1 is a polished product; the pinnacle of a system that's been under continuous development for several years, and it shows. The IQ pretty well matches 16MP APS-C at this point, good enough for a lot of pro and amateur uses. AF is very fast with the 12-40/2.8 - if as fast with the upcoming 40-150, then it could be a viable alternative to APS-C with f/2.8 zooms (DOF not quite as shallow, which is good or bad depending on the shot). And after a couple years of playing around, duplicating Panasonics lenses and reiterating kit zooms, the lens lineup is looking really good for an awful lot of uses. And on top of all that, it gives 4/3 users a nice upgrade path (cleaner than the SLT approach IMO).

IQ is actually not quite up to APS-C levels either in high ISO, DR or resolution. Factor in the more shallow DOF of APS-C providing an overall more pleasing, professional looking image in many cases. Your 12-40 f/2.8 that mentioned above is a heck of a lot less interesting on m43 than on APS-C or FF. With the relatively deep DOF as a result of the m43 sensor, images can look more flat with worse subject isolation. So to say that m43 IQ matches APS-C is not entirely accurate.

While a handful of people will look at the prices and the sizes of the body and consider both, I think that most people are in the market exclusively for one or the other ... if you're looking at 4/3 as a viable option, then your IQ demands are such that Fuji 'X' and Sony E mount (not FE) should be on your radar; not FF. And so it's kind of weird picking between the two.

If small size with great IQ is a priority then Fujifilm or Sony E mount or FF are ALL perfectly valid choices. I cannot imagine why FF would not be on someone's radar. Notice all the dumping my m43 gear for the A7 threads on m43 forums.

Leica would need to do something disruptive to be considered camera of the year; their periodic iterations just aren't that interesting outside of the small world of Leica owners.

Steve Huff is a Leica shooter and fan often showcasing some really nice, large aperture Leica lenses. The only reason Leica gear is not interesting to ALL photographers is high price. Images on Huff's website from his Leica cameras look miles ahead of any of his Olympus EM5 or EM-1 images. There really is no comparison. There is no reason why the Leica M couldn't be camera of the year. None. If I could afford a Leica M with 50 f/1.4 Summilux I would take it over ANY crop sensor camera period.

And the Nikon DF is too much of a niche product.

A niche product? Not at all, in fact it will likely sell far more units than the EM-1 and possibly more than the Sony A7r. D4 sensor in a beautiful magnesium alloy body with a large, bright OVF. There is zero "niche" about such a camera. The excitement its announcement has generated online is higher than any other camera in recent memory and interest in the Nikon Df is extremely high.

An example of a "niche" camera is the Sigma DP or Ricoh GR, it is not a FF Nikon DSLR.

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