Thinking about Canon EOS-M

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Re: Thinking about Canon EOS-M

coso dp wrote:

I am in the market for ILC too. Even I wanted the Fuji X-M1 just because the colors.. Where I live the 22mm + flash kit goes for 560 Euro and the Fuji X-M1 660 Euro. It would be no brainer go with the Fuji, but since I have friends in the US I will get it from there!

It think Fuji's bodies are superior to EOS M, both in style and functionality (dedicated dials etc.). But the cheaper ones are mostly plastic built and the EOS M feels better. Still, I would have loved an affordable Fuji with a cheap fast 35mm equivalent lens. Alas there aren't x mount lenses like that, either you go for the 23mm 1.4 (Very expensive) or directly with the X100S. I think I'm gonna wait three weeks just in case M2 is around the corner, then finally buy EOS M with both lenses and flash, it would cost me roughly 520€ (damn amazon its price keeps changing everyday).

I am continuously watching the price on amazon US and is going up and down. Right now very low but I will wait too for the M2 or at least the third week of November... Yes the X-M1 X-A1 is made in Thailand and made from plastic although the EOS M is metal and made in Japan.

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