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Pete Berry Veteran Member • Posts: 3,131
"iDynamic-High" trumps JPG highlight clipping - in spades!

PaulChapman wrote:

Not so concerned about the EVF although it is sometimes a bit washed out when looking up-sun when held in portrait format. My very practical concern is the dreadful battery life that makes taking a spare essential (my batteries have had lots of charges so it is not a running in issue). Highlight clipping is bad too. The marking is quite generous wrt overall functionality.

Paul, as DPR stated, the highlight clipping issue can be addressed by simply using "iDynamic High" setting for JPG's, which gives a smoother highlight rolloff vs more of a straight line to the top, which matches EM-1's level, incidentally. And in comparison the EM-1, EM-5 and GH3 in their highest DR settings ("Gradation Auto" in the Olys), it has the greatest JPG highlight headroom: 2/3 EV greater than EM-1 and GH3.


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