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2 comments on viewfinder

First, amazing isn't it, that the Nikon D7100 and Fuji XE-2 viewfinders both look so TINY compared to either the EM1 or GX7.  I never thought the day would come that m4/3 users could comment about the tiny APS-C viewfinder sizes, heh!

Second, while I have not used GX7 myself, I was struck by the reviewer's comments concerning frustration over the EVF not blocking incident light outdoors. I've experienced the same issue with optional EVF for the Panny LX5 (not saying the EVFs are remotely similar, just the stray light issue) - it is so bothersome that even though I believe the LX5 is a more sophisticated camera than its counterpart Oly XZ1, I rarely used the LX5 because it was just too frustrating to try to use the EVF.

My point is, many shooters will never be bothered if they don't shoot under the same conditions, but if they do - that frustration has to impact the overall view of the camera itself.  How often do reviewers excuse a host of problems because a camera is 'just so fun to use'?  But in this case, we may have the reverse, where tiny issues seem larger because the EVF causes frustration to the reviewer.  It is a small thing, but Panasonic should consider improving the standard eye cup for future cameras, just to remove the issue altogether.

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