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Re: DPR GX7 review is up!

I have two GX7s and also a full Nikon system topped with a D800 and a D3.

I mention that because the review seemed oddly subjective -- like the whole rainbow effect thing. I go back and forth between the OVF of the Nikon to the GX7's EVF, and honest-to-God, I've never noticed a rainbow effect (whatever that is) in either camera. I've gone stumbling around my back yard, in bright sunlight (Santa Fe, NM) trying to figure out the rainbow effect, but can't. Is it a low-light phenomenon? I haven't found the EVF problematic in daytime shooting at all, and the sun here is HARSH. I also find the tiltable LCD to be really excellent. It has less bulk that the fully twistable ones, but, as I've used it, I find that it does everything I need. You can easily shoot overhead, or waist-high.

I suppose I'm just as subjective as the reviewer, but I do go back and forth between a good OVF and the the GX7 without effort, or hesitation, or frustration, so I am really befuddled by the commentary. As far as the gold vs. silver thing, I don't care about that. What I do sort of care about is that I would prefer a test that is as objective as possible, and, on the unavoidably subjective bits, more than one reviewer. If he'd passed it around the office, I suspect more than a few of the other people using it would have failed to mention any "rainbow" problem...unless he had a bad camera.

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