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Re: DPR GX7 review is up!

Nemo0815 wrote:

tgutgu wrote:

I don't know, why all the fuss about the silver award. The camera just did not make it to gold, and the view finder is one important reason for it. However, 79% does not mean that the GX7 is a bad camera!

Dpreview must make a cut somehow. To grant gold inflationary isn't a good think, because otherwise the gold award looses credibility. With such a view finder, a camera in this category simply should not get gold. The view finder is a central instrument of such a camera, so it deserves a high influence to the ranking.

Reviewing the gold awards, I think the GX7 fits very well in the scheme. It scored one point more than its competitor, the E-P5. Looks about right.

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Hi Thomas, I agree with your points about the gold award, but in my own experience the EVF is very good. Have you tried one?


No, he hasn't. He's just argueing the same (wrong) things over and over again.

You cannot have even the slightest idea, if I had tried the GX7 or not. So shut up with this. I have tried it. And I have tried both GX7 and E-M1 side by side. Why I liked the GX7 ergonomics and size, the view finder of the E-M1 was the reason to get this camera instead of the GX7. The difference of the view finder alone would justify a point difference of at least two between the two cameras, but as I have said, the GX7 is a very good camera.

However, it is unfortunate, that Panasonic currently is not able to provide state of the art EVFs. That is after three model releases evident now.

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