Pentax Q7 firmware screen?

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Re: Pentax Q7 firmware screen?

Helen wrote:

Helen wrote:

I was just having a look at my new Pentax Q7, and noticed that when I bring up the firmware version screen, it only shows the body firmware, and doesn't report the lens firmware at all - is this usual? I'm used to seeing the lens firmware reported also on the Q and Q10. I tried a couple of other lenses on it, and it was the same in all cases (all of them have the most up-to-date firmware already installed, if that has any effect on this). I should add that it appears to be working OK.


A footnote to the above: I stuck the 02 lens firmware 1.01 .bin file onto my memory card, and then the lens firmware IS reported on the Q7, along with the option to update it (which is why I was concerned about the absence of the lens firmware interface originally).

I was surprised to see that the lens was supplied with version 1.00 of the firmware, because it is the black version of the 02 standard zoom, and I had thought that the variants of the 02 lens in colours other than silver only came out with the Q7. Given that the lens 1.01 firmware update was issued in 2011, long before the advent of the Q7, I was quite surprised at that.

I had the same scenario. 02 lens firmware was 1.00, and it didn't show on the screen, until I put 1.01 on the SD card.

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