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Re:Modified to Gold Star Award

Bob Tullis wrote:

Advent1sam wrote:

LOL, how can we take you serious DPR?

EVF adds bulk, LOL, the whole cam weighs 400g!

Best in class video, 24p,25p,50p, oh but has no IBIS for video, seriously, do Nikon, do Canon? I have an EM-5 and the IBIS is great for video hand-held but overall who gives a dam!

Seriously DPR, this is one of those times when you appear to have got it very wrong.

Maybe they got it right, but the significance of what they deemed wrong isn't all that significant compared to the reasons the camera would otherwise be desirable. So, for example, the EVF has it's issues compared to other EVFs - it won't be a deal breaker for many, though it is what it is.

Again, if you forget about bragging rights I expect you'll find the GX7 as good as you anticipate. But then again, you're known to pontificate with loud passion, only to say 'never mind' once you get the chance to 'go hands' on (which is to ask, how can one take YOU seriously with that track record?).

If you were more concerned about what you can do with a kit than what others think the kit's value is to them. . .

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