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Re: Usually no point in getting mad at the ignorance you see on these posts

Take the fancy shell/knobs off the DF and lets talk facts:

Since people keep talking D4 sensor Dxomark sensor ratings:

D800 /D800E/ D600 beat the D4 sensor out and have a higher overall score.

Specs :

-FPS: D600 has the same for less money

-Same AF as D600 better AF in D800 for the same price.

-DF has no AF assist light which is very helpful when I need it.

-DF has only one card slot. BIGGGGG mistake. What happens when your card fails? This feature alone is enough to pull the breaks for me. I always have my d600 and d7000 set to make a backup of my raw files onto a second card. I actually shoot meaningful/important moments like weddings unlike how the nikon DF video calls the images meaningful yet thinks you dont need the ability to save a backup.

This is what our own Dpreview has to say about this camera:

"The danger is that the design gets in the way of usability".

"My worry about the Df is that Nikon might have gone too far backwards for the sake of cosmetic appeal, without really adding any practical benefit to the shooting experience."

"I enjoyed the experience of holding and using the Df. But even with the Kool Aid within reach, I certainly wouldn't try to convince anyone that its control logic - which heavily promotes the use of dedicated, lockable mechanical dials - is any better than a camera like the D610."

"As such, although I hate to say it: from a cold, hard practical point of view, I can't shake the feeling that the Df is a little bit... silly. Hardcore Nikon fans will point to the support for 50 year-old non-Ai lenses, which is valid, but I suspect that the constituency of photographers for whom this is a real selling point is vanishingly small."

Like I said the facts say THE BUYER IS GETTING LESS FOR MORE when you compare it to the current lineup and people can ignore that facts if they want. I did not mention video in my comparison because no self respecting PURE photographer would ever have a need to capture video. It is not like the DF is a digital camera with a digital screen that writes digital images to an SD card. Yup pure photography.

Once the novelty is gone, prices drop down, you can stand in the grass (like the nikon video), look down at that DF and know that you just overpaid for the crippled offspring of a D4 & D600.

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