Fuji 23 1.4 vs. Sony A7 35 2.8

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Re: Fuji 23 1.4 vs. Sony A7 35 2.8

Red5TX wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Al Valentino wrote:

FF vs APS ~ 1 stop less DOF APS

f/2.8 vs f/1.4 = 2 stops less DOF

2 -1 = 1 stop shallower DOF in favor of Fuji wide open!!! In a smaller, more attractive system. Sorry Sony, no sale.

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Agreed. But a lot of FF fanboys ignore the basics.

Indeed, which was my point in calling the Fuji "a whole stop dreamier." Elsewhere on DPR, someone recently claimed that FF had a "2-3 stop advantage" in terms of noise and high ISO capability vs. APS-C. *facepalm*

I'm not sure they even hear themselves sometimes. Lots of FF users understand the marginal advantages of FF and feel it's important to their photography. Fair enough. I won't deny any man (or woman) their choice of gear if their eyes are wide open. But, as you note, lots of fanboys seem to think that the gulf between APS-C and FF is much larger than it really is. (This flows downstream, of course, w/r/t APS-C and m43.)

I am VERY curious to see if Sony can release genuinely fast primes for the A7/R without blowing up the size equation. I suspect the answer is no.

I have an A7 on order, but primarily for older prime SLR lenses and just for fun (and replace my A99), but I have a review Fuji X-A1 and I rented the 14mm f/2.8 and 12mm f/2.8 and wow, Fuji has stepped up their game with the new lenses.

The 14mm has the same super fast focus I am used to with some other mirrorless systems and the build quality is amazing.  The slider clutch is really smooth and sure makes manual focus a breeze.

My point is I am tempted to cancel the A7 and pick up the Fuji X-E2.  As you say, equivalent lenses right now are better, and I think the Sony is selling on impulse.  People will buy the Sony, then start realizing they have no lenses.  I wish the X-E2 had a flip screen though, as that is a big selling point for me.  I liked my X-Pro1, but never appreciated the optical viewfinder.  It made tons of noise (not loud, just annoying buzzes and whirs as it move optics around in the viewfinder, etc).


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