Is the Sony 16mm/F2.8 really that bad?

Started Nov 7, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Is the Sony 16mm/F2.8 really that bad?

blue_skies wrote:

... The E20 is definitely a lot better in the corners than the E16, and adapts the same UWA and ECF adapters...


I chose the E20 for myNEX-6.

I have been looking for reviews of the UWA used with the E20.

How does the UWA mount to the E20? Bayonet on to the same flange as the hood uses? Does the releas button work the same way?

The UWA has a magnification ratio of 0.75. The E16 becomes a 12mm lens. That suggests that the 20mm will become a 15mm lens  (22.5mm 135 format equivalent.)

How does the combination perform? any vignetting, color shifts, or smearing?

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