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Re: DPR GX7 review is up!

Many valid points in this review but the whole EVF discussion leaves me scratching my head.  It totally works for me in bright light and dim.  About the only time I don't use it is when I am using a tripod and the screen is better for composing a shot. I don't feel equipment challenged in any way.   Although I can replicate "tearing" if I work at it, it's still the best EVF I have tried. (Your results may vary, of course.)   It's bright, clear and adds minimal "bulk" to the overall camera.  I have worked with "bolt on"  EVF's in the past and there is no comparison in terms of bulk and functionality.  Not to mention the trauma of snagging one on some other gear... ouch!

My GX-7 has become my "go to" camera for day to day shooting (I still love my GH-3 but that's another story.) over the past month so I have developed some level of familiarity with it.  It's not without a few quirks (sometimes I do hit the wrong tiny button, for example.) but if I objectively consider how many times I have missed a shot due to some design error the answer is "zero"...  Wish I could say the same about operator error!

As to the score.... meh.

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