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Re: I hate to agree but yes, EVF is an issue.

peppermonkey wrote:

I'm a fan of Panny (not that I'm not a fan of Oly mind you) and I drooled at the thought of a built in EVF in the top left corner (ala rangefinders)...but after trying the GX7...E-M5 and VF4 both have a much better view. Or to put it more clearly, I find the colours and tone to be more pleasing in the GX7 but the Oly EVF's seems to be much clearer, well defined and ultimately easier on the eyes.

I had already determined that I would get the GX7 when it was announced as it was 'THE' camera that checked all the boxes and the perfect upgrade to my GF1. But after checking out the GX7 in person...I just may wait for the GX8 and invest in lenses instead. The EVF is certainly not bad but it just wasn't what I was hoping for. I may still get the GX7 since I'm sure I can live with the EVF...just wanted something a little better (and my GF1, old as it is, is still servicing me greatly).

tgutgu wrote:

Well, I think that the GX7 stays below 80 (it is kind of a threshold) is completely justified. Ultimately, it is a camera with a build-in view finder. Panasonic was up to the GH2 the leader in implementing the at that time best EVFs into their m4/3 cameras. This leadership has stopped with the introduction of the GH3. For me the quality of the view finder is a major criterium, deciding which camera to buy.

Olympus has shown since the E-M5 that it is well possible to equip cameras with excellent view finders that allow a stress free, undisturbed view through it, and which have enough detail for comfortably controlling sharpness. The VF-4 and E-M1 finders can replace even the best DSLR OVFs without looking back, and even the lower specified E-M5 finder at least does not have any disturbing artefacts.

I think Panasonic needs to get its act together and refine its view finder technology in their next generation models. The current situation is:

G6: too low real resolution, less sharp and detail than even E-M5

GH3: poor view finder optics, smearing, for many people a problem, 16:9 aspect ratio

GX7: rainbow effect, 16:9 aspect ratio (probably currently the best Panasonic EVF, though)

Fuji's EFV on the EX1 is fine, but in the X100s you really have to use the OVF.  No sure why.  I have not yet tried the GX in sun, it only has to make the image visible for me to be happy.  I will know soon.

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