Rumoured Pentax FF : follow classic mz5n

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Re: Rumoured Pentax FF : follow classic mz5n

noshea wrote:

Simon Devlin wrote:

Imagine a ME Super as a FF digital, exactly the same including LED's and mechanical self timer!!!

Now I'd buy one of those for the viewfinder alone

Imagining is all we'll be doing on that idea (and perhaps any other FF idea!).

Seriously, I picked up an ME Super last month and love the experience of shooting with it. Hilariously, my FA 31 Limited is rubbish on it (while being fabulous on crop-sensor cameras).

I love the ME Super too, I was using it with a modern Metz flash at the weekend and guessing the exposure.

FA31 Ltd musn't be really designed for FF afterall? I used the Samyang 14mm f2.8 on it and it worked great.

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