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Re: DPR GX7 review is up!

mp3lp wrote:

I'm considering getting a GX7 and retiring my current Oly E30 setup. I'm a little puzzled by the viewfinder comparison in the DPreview review of the GX7.

The GX7 viewfinder is 16:9 aspect ratio and 4:3 images are shown cropped, i.e. the image shown is smaller than the full size of the viewfinder and are shown with black bars either side of the image. The viewfinder comparison in the DPreview review doesn't show this.

Having handled the camera at a London camera store, I thought that the size of the 4:3 image in the viewfinder of the GX7 was OK, not as good as the image in the Olympus VF4, but good enough.

That said, I would still like to know how the viewfinder image compares to other cameras. Can anyone who's got the GX7 comment.

Many thanks.

Indeed, one of the (very very few) valid points of critique -which by the way I did not see in the DPR review- is that the viewfinder is actually made to depict 9:16 , i.e video mode in full size, while leaving 4:3 as second best . It still is larger than for example one of the leading APS/C , Nikon D7100, but no match to E-M1 .

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