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Re: DPR GX7 review is up!

mp3lp wrote:

I'm considering getting a GX7 and retiring my current Oly E30 setup. I'm a little puzzled by the viewfinder comparison in the DPreview review of the GX7.

The GX7 viewfinder is 16:9 aspect ratio and 4:3 images are shown cropped, i.e. the image shown is smaller than the full size of the viewfinder and are shown with black bars either side of the image. The viewfinder comparison in the DPreview review doesn't show this.

Having handled the camera at a London camera store, I thought that the size of the 4:3 image in the viewfinder of the GX7 was OK, not as good as the image in the Olympus VF4, but good enough.

That said, I would still like to know how the viewfinder image compares to other cameras. Can anyone who's got the GX7 comment.

Many thanks.

I've had the GX7 for about a month, couple k of images. Didn't use the camera until I had a full battery charge. Updated the software.

Also use the GH2.

Here is a report of my experiences with the GX7 c/w issues and their resolution and lots of pix (of varying quality):

GX7 First Light

Regarding the EVF:

I wear low-correction glasses and find the GX7 EVF nicer than my GH2. The only time I get light leakage is when framing up-sun where I either remove my glasses or "light seal" with my left hand. The EVF image size is no problem and I don't get tearing unless I force it. Admittedly I have my 100-300mm on my GH2 for wildlife opportunities so don't swing the GX7 around much.

I have tried the GH3 EVF in a camera store and MUCH PREFER the GX7 EVF.

No battery issues. But after reading Chapman, I've ordered a pair of spares.

Also no highlight clipping shooting A,S, M modes, RAW, ETTR, Constant Preview ON, all metering methods, as I sorta calibrated my Liveview histogram using the post-exposure RGBY channel histogram.   I used RawDigger quite a bit initially to get a good feel for the histograms.  I suspect that I'll be doing more calibration when shooting up-sun in the snow this winter.

I never thought that I would end up preferring GX7 to the GH2 .... but I pick up the GX7 preferentially now.

However, I am used to folding the LCD inwards on the GX7 when not in use.  It would be VERY nice to be able to do that with the GX7 ...  and to use a swivel LCD in portrait mode and when contorting.

I hope that this helps.  Have fun.


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