2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

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Like trying to convince a Fiat is better than a Ferrari.

In my view, the Sony A7 and A7r trounce the EM-1 in pretty much every conceivable way, to the extent that the EM-1 is not really even in the running.

The EM-1 is expensive relative to the A7 and 5-axis IBIS is one of the most talked about least important features as it is only relevant for static subjects (won't even get into shutter shock).

And the IQ of both A7 cameras is on such a different level that nobody could ever take seriously a claim for the EM-1 as best new camera. Looking at files side-by-side tells you all you need to know.

The few m43 users that I know are now totally rethinking their investment in m43 gear.  And the reason is the Sony A7.

IMHO, by far the best and most exciting new cameras of the year by a huge margin are the Sony A7 and the Nikon Df.

The EM-1 is really just a larger, heavier EM5 with a tacked on grip and with few IQ gains (in fact it loses some high ISO performance vs the EM5).  Frankly the EM-1 is not as good as the Nikon D7100 or Pentax K-3, both released in 2013.  It just doesn't have as good IQ, tracking ability or DOF control compared to the D7100 or K3 AND it's more expensive.

But Huff is primarily interested in smooth relationships with his mostly mirrorless fan readership when he creates these kinds of "best of" lists. So it's not rare to see puzzling choices like this one.

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