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Re: Thinking about Canon EOS-M

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I am also into search for successor of my old age Nikon D70s...and took into consideration Eos M as well as Panasonic GF6...

I even thought of Fuji HS50EXR until I saw few low light shots which chills me to the bone. idea is to take a kit with 22, 18-55 and little flash gun and of course adapter for other lenses. From all other lenses I have only focus on 55-250 STM...not looking into perfection, but, does that setup looks alright for variety of interests?

The pics I am taking is from all possible aspects of, I need technical precise pics as well as family or party shots. Indoor is mostly what am I taking. Low light as well. I know to point it up the skies and take shot of the Moon as well as of some aliens if they show up was hot pixels on my other cameras, lool!

Does anyone had any experience using it as touch-focus-shot when focus technique or everyone using a shutter button all the time? It looks to me that point the finger at place you want to be focused and then shot is the way to go on these...or I'm wrong?


If it is going to be your only camera I'd pass on the M.

Have a look at the Sony RX100 or RX100II those are compact.

Fuji has some nice camera's too like the X-A1 and XM-1, these are less compact but have a larger sensor. For low light definitly check out the X-M1. It's more or less in the same pricebracket as the M with the two lenses you mention but in my opnion a more mature camera.

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Cheers Mike

Hey Mike not to offend you but the RX100 $599 with a considerably smaller sensor. And about the Fuji X-M1 priced to $768, the M with the two lenses $400 so that is almost double!

Prices vary and where I live the cheapest offer is M+18-55 is €349.

But my point is that you should consider what camera for what purpose you are getting. In this respect the M is not lightning fast and the AF area is rather big for focussing on small subjects.This leaves this camera for limited purposes.

For low light and precise focus I would opt for one of the Fuji's (not sure but they may be able to adjust the focus box size).

In case the M does what you want $400 is a bargain with the lenses.

On the fence myself for an ILC and these are my findings so far.

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Cheers Mike

I am in the market for ILC too. Even I wanted the Fuji X-M1 just because the colors.. Where I live the 22mm + flash kit goes for 560 Euro and the Fuji X-M1 660 Euro. It would be no brainer go with the Fuji, but since I have friends in the US I will get it from there!

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