At what point is noise "REALLY" a problem

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Re: At what point is noise "REALLY" a problem

stimpy wrote:

Noise seems to be the most popular variable when comparing cameras, from m43 to APSC, APSC to FF etc, it's almost always about noise control and who has the lowest.

It's very easy to pixel peep these days - and zooming in at 100% the differences between these systems becomes very clear. But at normal screen size the differences are not so obvious, and often non-existent.

So at what point do these differences become obvious, in real world usage?

How big would you need to print to see, for example, the difference between a GX7 and a Fuji X-Pro1, or a D7000 and a D800.

I think it depends on many variables, including the kind of photography you're doing, how big you're printing, how close you want to look at it...

For instance for many black&white street photos I shoot, I add "film grain" in post processing... that's usually higher than the noise I get from my camera even at high ISO, so noise is not a problem at all. Different is when I shoot landscape, where I want an image as clean as possible.

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