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My (premature) take: strange result

But it is premature, because I did not read everything. So I mght be off here.

- So an EVF has a downside: it adds bulk. Now of course this is true for every single cam out there. So it is alsways a downside. You might as well say in every DSLR test: the mirrorbox adds bulk...And in that case, there is no obvious advantage anymore. I looked up the Fuji X100s....it has an EVF. It looks very similar to the GX7...no mention of the downside of that bulky EVF in there...

- Apparantly the videoscore is identical to the EP5 and EM1. ????? That is absurd. There is no compenation for IBIS with such mediocre video. I have the EPL5 which has the same video IQ and the GH2, which has worse video IQ than GX7. EPL5 vs GH2: night and day difference.

- So a cam with built in tiltable EVF, a built in silentshutter, better ergonomics, much better video, similar IQ, better AF (-4 eV, that does matter but is not tested it seems!) scores just 1 point better that a cam that lacks these features and costs the same (without the EVF). What does the EPl5 bring to the table? 5 axis IBIS. But also: shuttershock which cannot be prevented unless you introduce a 1/8 s delay (very nice for action..). Panny elec shutter does not have shuttershock problems with its e-shutter.

Really beyond me.

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