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It should have been several points higher with a gold award

What does Panasonic have to do? the GX7 is an outstanding camera. Don't come all this rubbish about EVF tearing during panning -- is that really a daily photographic problem? And as for the EVF not being glasses friendly -- my friends, I have been taking pix with eye level finders for 50 years, literally, and I have NEVER had a glasses-friendly finder. I have always had to work with glasses off and a custom adjustment lens in place (thank goodness for the diopter adjustments available today).

The images are as good as every comparison -- often better. It has the silent shutter, it has the built in flash (which is criticized as flimsy -- ALL such pop-ups are flimsy, but they are way better than nothing!), it has terrific ergonomics, it has …

As for the criticism of the IBIS, that it might not be as good as Oly's 5 way which is so handy for using legacy lenses or other non-OIS lenses -- come off the grass! Few people use legacy lenses for starters, and photography has been happening for well over a century without IBIS. And in any case, let's see a real comparison between the two IBISes (I expect the Oly IBIS is better, but for mine, it is a catch-up on the always excellent Panny OIS).

Well, actually the GX7 does NOT have a fully articulated screen which has been so much a feature of Panasonic m43 cams and is one of the important reasons I will NOT be buying it. I will buy a Panny G6 and I will be using Panny zooms with the excellent OIS.

But I still think the GX7 is well worth a gold award and should, in fact, be rated more highly than some of its gold award opposition.

And where, oh where is the full review of the G6?

Cheers, geoff

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