Fuji - Softness & Noise questions

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Fuji - Softness & Noise questions

I have the E-M5 and a couple Fujis.  It is the difference between the default settings of the two cameras.

I agree that Fuji, at it's default, can yield very plasticy looking effects...worse actually with some materials than with skin and at higher ISO's.  For example, green foliage can look like it was done with an oil paint palette knife.  Things like chrome fixtures can have oddly sharp definitions between spectral highlights...almost and orb effect like the infamous X10.

Having said that, you can mitigate this considerably by turning the NR down to -2.

Likewise, I find the default sharpening of the E-M5 is way too much.  It gives the shots a cheaper, oversharpened P&S look to them.

You can never make either camera exactly the same, but IMHO, the Fuji is the better performer, with regard to IQ, when you get the settings right...especially for photographing people.

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