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Re: DPR GX7 review is up!

A good review on the whole but I think the reviewer makes far too much of his perceived issues with the viewfinder. It is the best I have seen on a Panasonic camera (G1, GH2, GH3) and some other makes, and I haven't once noticed the "tearing" effect that seems to bother him so much (I think it is mentioned three times). Maybe I don't pan the camera as he likes to do or maybe it really does appear different to different eyes. He is correct that the EVF can be hard to see through in bright sunlight particularly if you wear glasses. I will get the alternative eye cup to try to offset this.

The reviewer doesn't get the point of the tilt feature of the EVF but I have already found it very useful. For one thing, you can set it to the angle that suits you for comfortable viewing and shooting (and keeping your nose away from the screen). I also find it great for video shooting as I find it easier to check for accurate focus using the VF.

My only complaints with the GX7 are the lack of HDMI output in live view mode (enabling use of an external monitor for video) and to a lesser extent the lack of a microphone input. IBIS in video mode would also be welcome but it may not be possible for technical reasons such as overheating.

Overall I think Panasonic have done a great job with this camera and given a lot of users the features they have been asking for. I would have given it about 81 and a Gold. Their engineers and designers must be wondering what they have to do to break the DPR 80 barrier!

I see a lot of posts in this thread which assume the review is accurate in all respects, but if you were thinking about this one I would definitely try it before buying to see how it works for you.

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