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Re: Nikon Doing Better Than You Think

Actually Nikon is not doing too bad compared to Canon...

See this recent article: Nikon hurt by falling dslr prices, but still faring better than Canon.

All in all it's a close race between Nikon and Canon, and you better believe the D800 helped.

Also you go back to 2008 as the last year of relative parity in sales...but that means the lead started to go to Canon even though Nikon still had their vaunted lineup of D3/D700/D300..and well before the D800...why?

Well, first of all Canon had the 5d mark ii, which no matter what one thinks, sold incredibly well and became a kind of legendary camera.  The combination for that time of relatively high mp, along with the dslr video, made it all the rage.

Second, the overall sales ranking of dslr vendors is largely determined by the lower and mid range models.  The sales of FF models largely won't move the needle that much.  So if Canon had higher market share than Nikon, it had very little to do with the higher end but far more to do with the lower end models.

For instance, in the current market, the marketshare will be moved more by sales of D3200 and D5200/5300 vs the Canon Rebel series.

So to summarize, Nikon is not doing poorly compared to Canon.  Canon did start to assume the market share lead when the D3/D700 was still the current models.  DSLR relative marketshare is determined mostly by sales of lower and mid level models, and is relatively unaffected by sales of higher end FF models.

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