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Re: DPR GX7 review is up!

Thanks for sharing, glad they finally got it out, this being a camera that arroused a lot of interest at the time of its intro several months back. Still some grammatical errors in the conclusions they might edit out, but some good info, which is appreciated.

I think the scoring seems about right, didn't break the 80 mark like the E-M5 did, but then the E-M5 was scored 1 1/2 years back when it was truly a revolutionary combination of features and included weather sealing along with IBIS that works while viewing your subject.

I wish they had used the same lens and settings for the GX7 (used the Olympus mFT 45mm) as the E-M5 (used the Olympus 4/3's 50mm, the sharpest lens available for FT and mFT), a camera many are likely to compare it to. I feel this makes the reviews comments on its image resolution compared to the competition not all that useful; in all likelihood it's not the sensor, its the lens.

The rainbow effect in the EVF is unfortunate and seemed to bug the reviewer quite a bit; only hands on would tell whether this is much of an issue in everyday shooting for potential buyers. As for the small eye cup, I had the same issue with my E-M5 and simply purchased the larger one for $18 (B&H), which totally solved the issue. Same assuredly goes for the GX7.

No comments I could find on shutter shock; no news is good news? Wish they'd include a test for this using a long lens (75-300 zoomed out) in all their mFT tests going forwards; maybe I missed it. Only user reports will tell, I guess, but the electronic shutter should solve this in any case within the limits of its usability.

On effectiveness of IBIS, I'm scratching my head why, again, they didn't use a long lens (again, either the 75-300 zoomed out) to judge how well this works, IBIS not even really being needed on the wide lenses they tested it on.

I've seen comments by some who've handled the body that it seemed a bit flimsy in comparison to Olympus offerings, but DPR seemed happy with it. Be nice to hear more from users on this.

My take, while it has failings (lack of IBIS when composing or shooting video, rainbow effect in EVF, lack of mic input for video, and need to adjust default settings for Auto usage and to reduce highlight clipping), its packaging of so many nice features (tilt-EVF, focus peaking, IBIS, WiFi, decent video, electronic shutter, many programmable buttons, built-in flash, etc.) in an attractive and comfortable to use body with a no-apologies sensor makes it a very nice option in the mFT line-up of bodies.

Maybe it should get an 80 after all .

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