What next for an NEX 5N user

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Joachim Wulfers
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Re: What next for an NEX 5N user

davect01 wrote:

My big question is what difference in your photos will the A7 do for you.

If you can justify that then go for it. However seeing the few pictures you posted, you are doing pretty good.

I am in a smilar boat. I have the F3 and love it, but greatly enticed by the 6. Do I need it, no. Do I want it, yes. Will I pay full price, no. Will I find it on EBay for the price I can justify, hopefully. Am I expecting a vast improvement in my photos, no.

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Novice photobug, proud NEX-F3 owner

Thanks davect01, that sounds pretty much like my situation. I appreciate all the responses and one common thread I could see in all of them was:

- the NEX 5N is a very well appreciated camera. I intend to keep it no matter what the next step is.

- 5R, 6 and, 7 and Fuji EX2 are not necessarily an upgrade (although the lenses are tempting).

- be patient to see what is coming next. I am not necessarily an early adopter and I agree with that advice.

These are exiting times with all the new stuff being announced and the temptation is always there. But I like the 5N and I use it daily (with the EVF always attached). Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

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