Help With Profiles Please

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Re: Help With Profiles Please

Gesture wrote:

"In general, to start out, I would suggest turning off color management in Photoshop, and letting the printer deal with color management, at least until you better understand what you are doing."

I agree. When you let Printer Manage Color and choose the paper being used in the Printer driver, the printer will apply an internal, already determined profile. Good luck and enjoy.

Generally, you should use sRGB as a default colorspace for all work in CS6 and print using "let the printer manage color" until you are comfortable with using profiles. In addition to the complexity they can be hard to verify that you are using them correctly without a spectrophotometer. Profiles are essential when pushing printers to their gamut limit but the effects are subtle on most images.


Profiling the display is valuable in itself and photoshop will use it automatically while you work in sRGB.

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