Sling for big guy and his little new GX7?

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Sling for big guy and his little new GX7?

I've had the GX7 (great camera!) for a week now and toted it around over the weekend on the factory strap. I wore it over one shoulder and it kept slipping off, as usual. Shopping for a sling I see a lot of options, from 8 bucks to almost 10 times that. My camera is a lot lighter than the DSLRs a lot of you carry around, and I don't anticipate adding any lenses heavier than maybe a pound/400g. But I'm a big guy (6'4 and 300) and a lot of straps and slings are too short.

The Joby Ultrasling looks good and I like the fact that it comes in an XXL size. But it looks a little overkill both in bulk and cost for my incredibly light camera. And I'd rather keep the tripod socket free for quick mounting.

The BlackRapid RS10 Metro looks like a good product from a brand name maker. But maybe overkill, again, it only seems to come in one size, and still occupies the tripod socket. So on balance, probably the Joby.

But what about this thing for 8 bucks: OP/TECH Compact Sling for Cameras

Should I trust it with my brand new camera? Bargain cost aside, it looks sleek and trim, maybe a good match for a light camera, and hooks into a strap lug leaving the tripod socket free. Not sure if it'll be long enough but if it doesn't work for me, maybe the wife will like it and hey, it's 8 bucks.

The same company also makes this: OP/TECH Utility Strap

Better choice? Stronger, maybe, but bulkier. It looks like it uses two loops to catch both strap lugs and I wonder if two loops will tend to bind when sliding along the sling, maybe more than one loop.

Any other suggestions or comments are welcome!


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