PC Mag mini review. Ricoh GR wins Editors Choice Award.

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Re: PC Mag mini review. Ricoh GR wins Editors Choice Award.

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Takes the same battery as the rest of the GRD series, so good news for those of us who already have a GRD and charger.

Tried the GX100 charger on a GRD battery, got the green light. But does GR take three small Eneloop betteries like GX100? Could not find the GR manual at Ricoh.

Unless Ricoh changed something there should still only be room for two AAA batteries in the GX100. The AF performance with the GRDI powered by AAA was crap, very slow. And the same was also true for the 500SE which is based on the GX8 but can be used AA instead for AAA.

I don't know for sure if Ricoh maybe somehow crippled the AF performance with AA or AAA batteries deliberately on later models to possible sell more of their own batteries.

Some of the older, in Paricular the Caplio RR30, Caplio G3, Caplio G4/G4 Wide and the RX had as fast AF with AA as with the original DB-43 battery. All of these have the PD AF.

It was something of a mistake to switch from DB-43 to the marginally smaller DB-60.

Both have same power output 3.7 but the original DB-43 have 1800mAh comapared to 1150 for DB-60. and AA which is better than AAA can no longer be used.

Another thing is that the 43 almost last 'forever' while the 60 loses health or capacity noticeably faster. Most of my original 43 is still in ok condition and the battery meter rarely go down to two out of 3 bars on the 500SE. The older models which uses same type of battery seems to perform well also but it is harder to estimate just how good as the battery meter is less exact there.

With the db-60 batteries and the GRDI, G600 or G700 it didn't take very long until the battery meter was down to just two bars with not all but some of the DB-60.

Just noticed another thing yesterday. The DB-43 was made in Japan and the DB-60 in China. The DB-43 seems last longer in the way that it not loses health as bad as the newer DB-60.

All but one or two of all my old DB-43 batteries are still in good condition and are able to deliver power to the cameras for quite some time unlike two or three of my original DB-60. With these two or three fully charged the GRDI and the R3 gets down on two bars within 25min of use, sometimes faster. That is bad and worse compared to my other DB-60 batteries.

To me it seems like the DB-60 struggle more to keep their health over time compared to the older DB-43.

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