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Re: Elaborate Please

Hulamike wrote:

Bueno. Thanks Ant.

Incidentally, I was typing something on my iPad the other day and Apple's god awful spell check gave me 'one ant' I kid you not. Wish I could remember the word I was attempting. Maybe I just unlocked your Rubics Cube..


To help a bit more with the Df (all said in the context of street and reportage) ....

The Sony guys think they have a DSLR killer in the a7 (a7 compared to the Df, az7 to the D800 but they dont dare do that (grin)).

Nikon never released this to compete against anything and it is absolutely for Nikon lenses and even pre-ai which could be awesome if I knew anything about the pre-ai lenses. (grin)

They last made one of these in 2005, the 2005 SP ,the Japanese in particular love these. I'm not belittling it, don't misunderstand me.

You happen to be someone that just like in 2005 ...was smitten by something not meant for the general population.

If you did get it, I can tell you a couple of things. Regardless of what has been said, the ergonomics are terrific for thoughtful photography, that could be street or art, will be stunning to hold and the nikon forums are infiltrated by other brand users that dont like it because it wont fit into a clutch purse. That weight is really important to me, the balance with a nice prime like a zeiss 35/2 would be bliss. The viewfinder is better than my D700, the iso is better, the pics will be nice and clean and you'll have a shutter speed that will wipe me across the pavement. Its cheaper then my D700 at release $2999 and has a D4 sensor and a lot of metal in it. Its a nice package for handheld photography and even if you are a wee bit wobbly ...it has all that iso for you to shoot with a fast shutter. If you get too old or dont want manual focus, its a nice (very nice) shooter for af primes. This Df and the new 58 ...would be a killer on the street.

You know for all the gear, all the af and all the zooms there is no shortage of carp photography so really ...what do any of them really have to say about a camera they have not even held let alone used.

Hope I helped, ...always try

Lastly, get a rubber eyecup and a screen protector for the rear and thats it. Later a flash maybe and its also a nice landscape camera if you find the streets too hot (grin).

So thats just leaves black or silver Mike?

I like the black (grin)

ɹǝpun uʍop puɐl ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ

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