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Re: Expensive retro..

I must admit that this camera has a very nice look. It reminds me of my first Nikon, the Nikon FE in silver with a MB-11 drive. But else than that is't nice to look at I couldn't imagine any sensible reason to spend over 2700,- for this kind of retro camera. It's probably marketing that selling this camera. Cameras are almost finished in development so camera manufacturers are looking for new selling markets. I have a Nikon D3 and I wouldn't know any reason to buy anytihng else. (Ok, I don't video and I don't mind the size or weight) Spend your money on good glass would be my opinion. Nonsens to spend 2700,- to can use a 30 year old AI lens that has many better succesors. Just buy an old Nikon FE or FG if you like the good looks an put it in a glass showcase

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