the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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conceptfoto wrote:

WOW!!!! I am really confused...

Let me say that I am not a pro photographer and claim no special expertise other than I have operated a small Photo gallery for about 3 years and have assisted my wife, who has operated a wedding and portrait business for several years.

First, congratulations on your sales.  If you are the photographer and you've generated $6201 in sales for the last 11 months that's a nice little side business depending on how much time was invested to make that money.  Still, lots of people spend a lot of time and have no income to show for it.

But, I really have to ask for a reality check on the whole "gear doesn't matter" thing.  How many weddings has your wife shot as the official photographer where the iphone was the sole piece of photographic equipment?  What revenue was brought in from that wedding.

The answers to those 2 questions should help us discuss how much equipment doesn't matter at all.

The gallery has never made a profit and I suppose never will but my day job allows me the luxury of being able to subsidize the operational costs. Since the first of the year (2013) I have sold 53 prints at an average price of $117.00. These prints were made with several different Cameras.

I thought it might be interesting to see what cameras resulted in the most sales.

Sigma SD15 9 sales 20x30

Contax G2 9 sales 12x16

Toyo 4x5 8 sales 1 - 40x50 7 - 16x20

Sony a200 7 sales 12x16

Pentax K-01 5 sales 2 - 24x36 3 - 16x20

Canon s90 5 sales 12x16

Canon 1v 5 sales 4x6 and 8x10

iPhone 4s 3 sales 9x44 panoramas

Pentax K5ii 2 sales 12x16

For my purposes, the final arbiter is the one who writes the check. I suppose that I must have misunderstood what photography is all about. Maybe it is all about the gear, I always thought it was about the final image. Totally unscientific and probably reflective of the time that the gear has been in use.



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